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Our Hair Replacement System is tailor made to fit you. The system will be shaped and sized to fit your balding pattern, it will be colour matched, cut and styled to blend with your own hair.

As the times and the hair replacement industry have changed, there is a much better understanding of how hair grows, plus advanced construction materials the systems are so natural and blends in with your own hair. The benefit of our hair systems is the detailed amount of measurements we take to fit into your specific size and pattern of your hair loss. Getting the perfect match with our colour experts to match with your own natural hair is an important detail to achieving an undetectable look. It is also made from lighter materials paying detailed attention to the front hairline which is one of the most important parts of getting the system looking natural. As our Hair Replacement Systems are custom made to fit, from the day the measurements are made it takes 10 weeks to arrive.                                                                   

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